Green Power Program

Northern Wasco County PUD Pure Power Program

Northern Wasco County PUD now offers its residential, commercial and industrial customers the option of purchasing up to 100 percent renewable electricity through its new program, Pure Power.

What is Pure Power?
Pure Power or green power is renewable energy that is produced from resources such as solar, wind, geothermal, biogas, biomass and low-impact hydro.

Where does Pure Power come from?
NWCPUD purchases one MWh of wind power called Environmentally Preferred Power (EPP) from the Bonneville Power Administration. EPP is generated from 100 percent wind power that does not pollute or affect fish or wildlife.

How will I know I am receiving Pure Power?
When you purchase one or more blocks of Pure Power, we cannot guarantee electrons generated by a wind farm will be delivered to your home or business. We can assure you that your contribution pays for more expensive renewable power to be put on the Northwest power grid, offsetting the need to generate more non-renewable energy.

How will buying Pure Power affect my electric bill?
After signing up for NWCPUD’s Pure Power, you will see an additional line item on your bill listing the monthly charge. How much renewable power you sign up for is up to you. Each 200kWh block of pure power costs $5.00 in addition to your regular electric charges.

How can my business support renewable energy efforts?
In addition to purchasing blocks of Pure Power for your business, you can partner with NWCPUD in spreading the word about renewable resources. Contact us at 296-2226 for more information.

Will purchasing Pure Power make a difference?
Yes. By supporting the use of renewable energy sources you are helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change. Voluntary purchases of Pure Power also help to accelerate the development and use of new, domestic renewable energy facilities.

How do I sign up?
You can call Northern Wasco County PUD at 541-296-2226 or stop by our office at 2345 River Road, in The Dalles